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How might this medical group tailor its marketing mix to appeal to this segment?

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Explain importance of Research in business decision making? Ans: Significance of Research in Business Decision Making The role of research has significantly increase

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State the meaning of  Research. Introduction: Research is an art of scientific investigation. Research covers search for and retrieval of information for a particular purp

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Q. What are the Motivational conflicts? Motivational conflicts: _ Positively valued goals means consumers are motivated to approach the goal and will seek out products tha

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a.Sampling error is measurable while it is not easy to measure a non sampling errors. b.Sampling error decrease as the sample size increase. This is not necessarily so in the ca

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Amount: The loan amount is decided on the basis of export order and the credit rating of the exporter by the bank. Generally the amount of packing credit will not exceed FOB value

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SPECIAL CONTRACTS : You have learnt that the applicable law can be the law of either party or that of a third party. It will be the Indian Contracts Act, if Indian law will apply.

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Coverage and Institute Cargo Clause : Generally these perils are grouped in categories. Depending on the types of cargo policies (which exclude war and strike covers) are: Institu

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Question: (i) What is cost-plus pricing method? Why is its application particularly problematic in service industries? (ii) Discuss the factors which might influence the p

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Questions Explain the ways that primary research in an economically developed nation might differ from research in a developing nation. Compare two specific countries, and u

Databases, 4 types of maintaining a database and description

4 types of maintaining a database and description

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