Illustration of divide verb, COBOL Programming

Illustration of Divide verb:


If the value of A is 20, then after execution of this statement the value of A will be 4. The older value of A will be lost.


If the value of A is 20, then after execution of this statement then the value of B will be 4. At this point the A will retain its older value.


In this illustration the result of the division of A by 3 will be stored both in B & C.


In this situation the A will be divided by 2.5 and the result will be stored in C, while the result of the division of B by the 2.5 will be stored in D.

As in the situation of the MULTIPLY statement, the literals cannot be used for identifier-2, identifier-3, etc. Whenever the GIVING option is only used the numeric literals permitted in the place of identifier-2, identifier-3, etc. For illustration, DIVIDE A INTO 25 GIVING V. 


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