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Explain the types of Knowledge

Knowledge is also categorised as 'explicit' and 'tacit' knowledge.

Explicit knowledge is expressed in words and numbers and shared in the form of data, scientific formulae, specifications, manuals, and the like. This kind of knowledge can be readily transmitted between individuals formally and systematically. Tacit knowledge is highly personal and hard to formalise, making it difficult to communicate or share with others. Subjective insights, intuition, experience and hunch fall into this category of knowledge.

Tacit knowledge is deeply rooted in an individual's actions and experience as well as in his/her ideals, values, and emotions. Tacitness may be considered as a variable, the degree of tacitness being a function of the extent to which the knowledge is or can be codified and abstracted. Knowledge may dynamically shift between tacit and explicit over time although some knowledge always will remain tacit. Codification is the degree to which the knowledge is fully documented or expressed in writing at the time of transfer between individuals. The complexity of knowledge increases with lower levels of codification


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