Explain soft system methodology with an example, Marketing Management

Question 1:

(a) How do you think that e-commerce is useful to Mauritian entrepreneurs?

(b) Discuss the role of ICT and E-business in the development of Mauritian tourism industry by taking suitable examples.

Question 2:

(a) Discuss critically how decision-support system (DSS) differs from Management Information System (MIS) and how they provide value to the business?

(b) Explain Soft System Methodology (SSM) with an example.

Question 3:

(a) The recent banking crisis in the UK has forced the government to partly nationalize some of the leading banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB. The government has ordered the banks to provide a detailed analysis of their loans and other assets to try and assess how vulnerable they are to default.

You are required to discuss how an Executive Information System (EIS) may assist the Minister of State responsible for these banks to be better informed about the crisis and what type of questions it might be able to answer. Introduce any statistics into your answer which you may feel are relevant.

(b) Using the following categories of E-business strategies provide a real word example of a company undertaking each strategy ( four companies in total) and an explanation of how it executes the strategy on-line.

(i) Business-To-Business E-Commerce
(ii) Business-To-Consumer E-Commerce
(iii) Consumer-To-Consumer E-Commerce
(iv) Business-To-Government E-Commerce

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