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Disadvantages of the Job enrichment:

1. The first basic problem is that majority of the workers do not want the type of changes which are introduced by Job enrichment. They do not really challenging jobs, as the basic human tendency is to shirk responsibility. Workers put wages and job security above all.

2. Job enrichment is basically limited to the unskilled semiskilled jobs. Jobs of highly skilled professionals already contain many challenging elements. As such there is no scope of applying job enrichment in their cases.

3. Technological may not permit the enrichment of all the jobs. With specialized machinery tasks and processes it may not be possible to makes the jobs very meaningful.

4. Job enrichment is a highly costly affair. In most of the cases the cost involved is more than the gains in productivity.

5. Sometimes the employees may prefer to have job enrichment but may not have the necessary capabilities and qualifications to meet the new challengers.

6. In the short run, Job enrichment may have negative effects. After an increase in job responsibility it is not unusual for organizations to experience a drop in productivity as workers become accustomed to the new systems. In the long run however there will be increased productivity.

7. People being bored in their jobs it is likely therefore that after a period of time they will become bored in their enriched jobs also. Thus enrichment may become static after some time and additional enrichment will be required.

8. There is generally a tendency on the part of the management to impose job enrichment on workers rather than applying it with their consent it will have a negative impact on the employees.

9. The top managers and personnel generally apply their own scale values of challenge and accomplishment to other people personalities this evokes more resistance from workers.

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