Create a guessing game for children to teaching maths, Mathematics

E1) Create a guessing game for children of Class 2, to familiarise them with the concept of a time interval

E2) How could you use group dancing to teach concepts of geometry? There are many other enjoyable activities that can be utilised for familiarising children with various geometrical ideas. For example, children can learn about symmetry by creating symmetrical "rangoli" patterns on paper. They can be introduced through origami, the art of paper folding, to various two and three dimensional shapes. While demonstrating, the teacher can emphasise the terms used at each step, such as 'now fold the paper in half ,' Next, make it into a square by folding', 'When you fold this end like this (demonstrate), it becomes a triangle'. Tangrams can also be used for the same purpose. So far we have stressed the importance of going from concrete to abstract, spending a lot of time on the concrete mode; and using enjoyable activities for teaching mathematics. This is not all that goes into building a learning environment. In the next section we will discuss some more aspects.


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