Concept for eliminating hidden lines, surfaces or edges, Computer Graphics

Concept for Eliminating Hidden Lines, Surfaces or Edges

To exemplify the concept for eliminating hidden-lines, surfaces or edges, see a classic wire frame model of a cube as in the figure 1. A wire frame model signifies a 3-D object like a line drawing of its edges. In the figure 1(b), the dotted line demonstrates the edges obscured via the top, left, front side of the cube. Such lines are eliminated in Figure 1(c) that consequences in a realistic view of the object.

1972_Concept for Eliminating Hidden Lines, Surfaces or Edges.png

Depending upon the identified viewing position, exact edges are eliminated in the graphics display. As the same, in the figure 2(a) represents more complicated model and figure 2(b) is a realistic view of the object, after eliminating hidden lines or edges.

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