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Conflict and stress arise obviously in IS project teams. Many people argue that a little of both is helpful, but everyone agrees about too much is destructive. How could you classify your project team to minimise the destructive effect of stress and conflict?

Project teams don’t run without some level of argument and stress. Developing modern systems is a creative process which requirements new ideas. By time to time it may however get out of hand. To solve that, you require giving those involved the chance to present their case without interruption before investigating the matter further yourself. When the conflicting parties can’t then agree onto a solution, you have to decide the issue yourself.

You require considering the circumstances that generated the conflict into the first place. Do they comprise inbuilt confusion which will continue to generate conflict, or obviously unfair or now outdated working practices?

Stress cannot be eliminated entirely. Frequently a stressful project delivery can be energising and exciting along with extra hours and weekend working accepted through everyone. There is a restriction to this however and at least one day a week must be work free.
Some stress help activities can be organised onto a team basis. Onto an individual basis, be careful not to let stress reduce performance. Give help to decrease it and get help to make possible the individual to manage this. Above all, don’t take on other people stress you. When really big stress issues happen, get help by experts. This is not acceptable for organisations to deliberately avoid workplace stress or for people to be therefore pressured that they fall ill.

At last, take care not be a source of stress yourself. Setting challenging things is fine; continually interfering and harrying the team is not!

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