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What are the types of brain?

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Non-muscular movement, NON-MUSCULA R MOVEMENT - 1 .      Streaming m...

NON-MUSCULA R MOVEMENT - 1 .      Streaming movement - In amoeba, cyclosis is common. 2 .      Pseudopodial - In leucocyte, macrophages, amoeboid movement take place

Explain the effect of non nutritional factors pregnancy, Explain the effect...

Explain the effect of Non Nutritional Factors pregnancy? The incidence of LBW is lowest and mean birth weight is highest in the state of Kerala, which is attributed to better

Define the water bath with shaker, Define the Water Bath with Shaker? A...

Define the Water Bath with Shaker? An electric water bath with a shaker that can hold test tubes as well as conical flasks. When on a non-shake mode, it acts as a simple water

Cytoplasm plays the most important pathogenetic role, The formation of surf...

The formation of surface blebs caused by ischemia reflects in part plasma membrane injury, but also a sign of cytoplasmic injury. Which filamentous component of the cytoplasm plays

Overall senescence - senescence, Overall senescence - Senescence Only ...

Overall senescence - Senescence Only the parts above the ground level i.e.  The aerial parts die whereas the underground parts survive For example, potato.

How does the presence of exoskeleton, Q How does the presence of exoskeleto...

Q How does the presence of exoskeleton describe the general small size of arthropods? Since they have periodic ecdysis and exoskeleton, the growth of arthropods is limited to a

#zoology, #what is naturalistic theory?

#what is naturalistic theory?

Explain alterations occurring in nuts and oilseeds, Alterations occurring i...

Alterations occurring in nuts and oilseeds Some oilseeds have acquired a great significance in the large-scale industrial production of edible oils.  You have already studied t

Reproductive system of asteroidea, Reproductive System of Asteroidea S...

Reproductive System of Asteroidea Sexes are separate in several asteroids. There are ten (10) gonads, two in each arm. They emerge tuft-like or as cluster of grapes. Mature go

Invertebrates - osmotic and ionic regulation, Invertebrates - Osmotic and I...

Invertebrates - Osmotic and Ionic Regulation Regulation of water and ions in invertebrates is done by neuroendocrine mechanism. It operates at the level of Malpighian tubules

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