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Q. Basic Engineering approach to job design ?

Engineering approach: the most prominent single element in the Engineering approach, envisaged by the F.W. Taylor and others, was the task idea. "The work of the every work man is fully planned out by the management at least one day in advance and each man receives in most cases complete written instructions, describing in detail the task which he has to accomplish .......... this task specifies not only what is to be done but how it is to be done and the exact time allowed for doing it". The principals offered by scientific management to job design can be summarized thus:

1. Work should be scientifically studied. Taylor advocated fragmentation and reutilization of the work to reap the advantages of specialization.

2. Work should be arranged so that the workers can be efficient.

3. Employees selected for work should be matched to the demands of the job.

4. Employees should be trained to perform the job.

5. Monetary compensation should be used to reward successful performance of the job.

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