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As the recently hired HR Director for a manufacturing company of 1000 employees with diverse technical, administrative, professional, managerial, and executive jobs, how would you go about setting up a pay system? Specifically, how do you determine the worth of these various jobs relative to each other and how will you determine what pay is appropriate for each job?

Reference no: EM1323353

Recommendations to improve recruiter performance

What might the equity theory suggest? Based on the equity and expectancy theories, develop 2 recommendations for helping to improve the recruiter's performance.

External environment of employee behaviour

Describe at least 3 ways those factors in the external environment influence employee behaviour. If you were an HRD professional involved with an action team that was charge

Case study of maurice and ronald

Maurice and Ronald contract for Maurice to give Ronald a permanent (for his hair). Maurice does a good, professional job, but Ronald declares himself dissatisfied with that

Consideration for second agreement

Arthur contracts to sell Ben his house for $100,000. Later the parties modify the contract by changing the price to $110,000. All other terms remain the same.

Case study of acme airlines

Allie is a licensed pilot who is nearsighted. She has 20/20 (perfect) vision when she wears her contact lenses. Without her contact lenses, she cannot read or drive, but wit

Principles for developing effective teams

Discuss the six principles for developing effective teams. Your response should be at least 200 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook

Increasingly diverse workplace

Identify and explain some important trends that are leading to an increasingly diverse workplace. Your response should be at least 125 words in length. All sources used, inclu

Outline of web 2-0 technologies

Compose an outline of the Web 2.0 technologies, message, and timing you would emphasize and Explain how your recommendations will create synergy (where the whole is greater


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