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Write an international mini-plan for a company that interests you (or a product/service that you want to sell yourself). Address the following in your mini-plan: 

• Location of value-added functions: The choice of where to locate each of the functions that comprise the entire value-added chain, from research to production to after-sales servicing. 
• Location of sales target: The allocation of sales among countries and the level of activity in each, particularly in terms of market share. 
• Level of involvement: The choice of operating through wholly owned facilities, partially owned facilities, or contract arrangements, and whether the choice varies among countries. 
• Product/services strategy: The extent to which a worldwide business offers the same or different products in different countries. 
• Marketing: The extent to which a company uses the same brand names, advertising, and other marketing elements in different countries. 
• Competitive moves: The extent to which a company makes competitive moves in individual countries as part of a global competitive strategy. 
• Factor movements and start-up strategy: Whether production factors are acquired locally or brought in by the company and whether the operation begins through an acquisition or start-up.

Reference no: EM1323351

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