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a__________of a scene is apart of a scene by which relate one part of the scene with the other parts of the scene

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Rotation - 2-D and 3-D transformations Within 2-D rotation, an object is rotated via an angle θ along w.r.t. the origin. This angle is assumed to be +ive for anticlockwise rot

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Line Clipping Algorithm - Cohen Sutherland Algorithm Line is a series of endless number of points; here no two points contain space in among them. Hence, the above said inequa

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1. By using Digital Differential Analyzer algorithm draw line segments from point (1,1) to (9,7). Ans. We see that the usual equation of the line is specified by: y = mx+c

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Different types of Simulating Motion - Computer Animation Here we discuss different ways of simulating motion as: a. Zero Acceleration or Constant Speed b. No

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Parametric Continuity Conditions   To ensure a smooth transitions from one section of a piecewise parametric curve to the next, we can impose various continuity conditions at the

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why do video game characters look better today?

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Draw the block diagram of raster scan display processor.

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QUESTION (a) Suppose that you have been assigned to re-engineer the existing systems for a company. Do you think that design patterns can be applied to these existing systems?

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What are the utilizations of Inverse transformation? Provide the Inverse transformation for translation, shearing, reflection, scaling and rotation. Solution: We have observed

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