You are needed to identify risk management issue of crowd

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You are needed to identify risk management issue of Crowd Management at Music Festivals and write an essay which explains the background to the issue and its significance to the industry. A suggested structure is as follows:

(1) Executive Summary (This is a brief summary of your report)

(2) Table of Contents

(3) Introduction (Identify the issue you have selected and why it is important).

(4) Analysis of the Issue (Describe, explain and analyse the issue fully (use sub-headings if necessary).

(5) Recommendations/Solutions (Suggest a few possibilities as recommendations for improvement).

(6) Conclusion (Conclude by summarising the key points in the discussion and finalise the report).

To show your breadth of research and scholarship, include at least 10 in-text references from different sources.

Reference no: EM13347383


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