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I am writing a paper on black female slaves for my history class and would like help in editing my thesis statement. Is it good as is, and If not, what needs to be added or subtracted?

No pen can give adequate description of the all-pervading corruption produced by slavery. However, despite being aware of slavery and what it entailed, most stories of black women lives during slavery went undocumented, with very few exceptions. Slavery proved more brutal for females than for males due to excessive responsibilities placed upon female slaves by their masters, especially so when they had children. A mother’s instinct kicked in when she gave birth that created a dire necessity to protect her children, more so than the male slaves. This added burden or worry over a child/children made it much harder for the female slaves to coped with slavery, thus resulted into negative mental consequences. These consequences were attributed to the psychological and physical trauma, sexual abuse, and the constant reminder of their lives and the implication that their children would eventually suffer the same trials as they did.  Despite their calamitous circumstances some women went to dire lengths to ensure their children did not have to face the same tragedies. To fully understand what lengths a slave woman would go to protect her children, one would have to look at the struggles and treatment the female slave endured throughout her life.

Reference no: EM13138192


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