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Write reflective journal entries on any topic/concept related to elements of strategy.

These will be inspired by a quote, concept, article or theoretical topic and requires no research or referencing, as this would defeat the purpose of the whole exercise.

Journal entries will be marked according to the subsequent;
• evidence of critical thinking.
• show ability to take a stand and defend it.
• show ability to question assumptions.
• the relationship to marketing strategy issues.
• originality of writing.
• Can use examples

Part one

1.Traditionally who are on top management teams etc.

2.Why marketing is important? (All businesses provide a product or service for money. And for stakeholders profit is the most important but to get money preliminary you need to add customer value etc. marketers do that with segmenting, marketing mix etc (why so important?) to get the product in the consumers evoked set, makes all the difference. An example of if you make something (ex a cd) and don't tell anyone vs market it, tell friends, fb page etc)

3.How to get CMO on TMT? (Since most ppl in tmt have economic and technical background talk to them in terms they understand and like so ROI and longterm profit and sustainability vs consumer behavior. Etc)

Part two

Anything except for online/e-marketing

Reference no: EM131241

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