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The essay topic is: Climate Change and the North

The purpose of this research paper is to help you engage with current events and contemporary challenges concerning Aboriginal people in Canada. You should be able to interpret a current issue in relation to the historical and cultural aspects of the colonial experiences that we have been learning about throughout the course. The conclusion of your paper will explain why it is important that non-Aboriginal Canadians - both long-standing and new Canadians - must examine these challenges as problems for all Canadians to work out together.


Main body: Outline the themes and facts and circumstances from the textbooks, article readings, and films (whenever applicable) that give background context and information about your topic. Use your current event resources from the Internet to relate that background to the present, so that the reader connects historical conditions directly to the present day.

What is the historical lead-up to this issue?

How have certain government decisions and/or industrial enterprises impacted Aboriginal people's lives, forcing reaction to this issue?

How do aspects of cultural and economic sovereignty, law [Indian Act], and racism play into this issue?)

Manitoba Metis Federation Land Claim

Who are the Metis?  Did they ever have land recognized or promised to them?  What happened to that land?  What is the current Manitoba Metis Federation Land Claim about specifically?  Why is this topic important for Canadians, and perhaps especially Manitobans?

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

What is the Enbrige Corporation?  Does Enbridge have a controversial track record/history?  What is the Northern Gateway Pipeline and where does it propose to run?  Why is there First Nation opposition to it? (What are the implications for land jurisdiction?  What are the implications for the environment?) Why have many Canadians come to support the opposition to the pipeline?  Why is this topic important for Canadians? 

Alberta Tar Sands (Athabasca Oil Sands)

What are the Tar Sands or Oil Sands?  Where are the oil sands located?  Why is there First Nation oppositon to the oil sands?  (Are there Treaty violations happening with this industry?  Is so, what are those? Are there environmental concerns.?)  Why have many Canadians come to support opposition to the oil sands?  Why should Canadians care about this issue?

Grassy Narrows First Nation -

Where is Grassy Narrows First Nation?  What are a few of the things happening in Grassy Narrows that make it a place given so much attention over the years?  Are there environmental factors?  Are there potential Treaty violations happening?  Why have many Canadians come to support the struggles in Grassy Narrows?  Why should Canadians care about this issue?

Climate Change and the North (with particular focus on the Inuit)

What is climate change?  What are the effects of climate change on the Arctic?  What implications do these effects have on the Inuit people?  Why should Canadians care about this issue?  What can Canadians do about the issue of climate change?

Bipole III (Manitoba Hydro Transmission Project)

What is the Bipole III issue? Where is the proposed transmission project meant to run?   Why are First Nations part of the conversation?  What are some of the historical effects of hydro-electric flooding on First Nations?  Are there environmental implicatons with the Bipole III Projet?  Are there potential Treaty violations?  Why should Canadians care about this issue?

Social and/or Cultural Challenges

  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to address Residential Schools Legacy

What is the history of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission?  What is the TRC mandate (mission)?  Why is it called Truth and Reconciliation (ie what does that mean for Canada and Canadians?)  Why should Canadians know and care about the legacy of residential schools? 

  • Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Girls and Women

How many Aboriginal girls and women are estimated to be missing and murdered?  In what part of Canada have most girls and women been murdered or gone missing?  How does it link to the levels of sexual abuse against Aboriginal girls and women?  Why is it believed that Aboriginal females are targeted violently?  What has been the police response to this crisis?  What has been the First Nations' organizational response to the crisis (ie are there any organizations or programs set up to deal with the issue?)  Why should Canadians care about this issue?

  • Aboriginal Children in Foster Care 

What percentage of children in foster care are Aboriginal?  Why are so many Aboriginal children in foster care?  What is the official governmental policy reasoning?  Is there a history of separating Aboriginal children from their parents in Canada?  What is behind this practice?  What implications does being a foster child, raised in non-Aboriginal households have on these individuals' senses of identity?

  • High Rates of Alcohol and Substance Use, Violence, and Suicide (including special focus on the hardest-hit people - the Inuit)

Why are there such high rates of alcohol and substance use, violence, and suicide in Aboriginal communties, and perhaps particularly the Inuit?  (What causes that compel some people to harm themselves and others in this way?)  What are some of the statistics behind alcohol and substance abuse, violence, and suicide?  What in your opinion can be done to remedy the problem?  Why should all Canadians care about this issue?

  • 'We Are All Treaty People' campaign

 What is the 'we are all treaty people' campaign?  When and why did it start?  What are treaties?  How have they been violated?  What effects have treaty violations had on the relationship between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people in treaty areas?  Why should all Canadians care about these treaty relationships?

  • Underfunding of Aboriginal Education in Canada

How much less education funding is given Aboriginal communities than to non-Aboriginal communities?  What does this say about policy toward Aboriginal children generally? What is some of the history of state/provincial control of education for Aboriginal children in Canada?  Why should all Canadians care about this issue?

Reference no: EM13649

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