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Tax withholding

The federal withholding tables were revised recently due to changes in the tax law as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The new stimulus bill which incorporated changes to the withholding tables reflect, in most instances, a reduction in the amount of federal tax to be withheld. The new federal tax withholding tables are effective with your pay dated 3/20/2009. You may notice a  difference in your net pay due to these changes, and in most instances any change is likely to be a change of less tax withholding and more money, in total, in your paycheck. After reviewing how these changes may have affected your pay you may want to review your federal tax withholding or make changes to your tax withholding if you believe that is necessary and beneficial. If you choose to make changes to your federal tax withholding you can make the changes in Lawson Self­service.

Exercise instructions

1. What is the nature of this e­mail? General informational? An assignment asking readers to do something? A set of instructions?

2. What is the key point of this e­mail? Write one sentence that sums it all up.

3. Rewrite the entire message. Your goal is to provide more focus to the message so that busy readers can get the point and take action if necessary.

Reference no: EM131170939

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