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Assignment Topic 
The Department of Health is considering funding "fluvac" a vaccination for influenza. 
They want to know whether there is evidence that fluvac represents "value for money". 
You are part of a team that has been asked to design a protocol for an economic 
evaluation. Your role in the team is to undertake the following: 
Question 1 
Justify why you believe that an economic evaluation is needed, including any additional 
information you might need to support your argument. 
Question 2 
Form a well-defined study question to help guide your economic evaluation? 
Question 3 
What type of economic evaluation do you think will be the most appropriate for 
answering your study question? Justify your choice. 
Question 4 
Describe the costs that you will collect under the following categories: 
Direct health care 
Direct non-health care 
Question 5 
Outline the sources that you would use for collecting the cost information for your 
economic evaluation. 
Question 6: 
Explain how you will value each of your resource inputs in your economic evaluation. 
Question 7: 
Explain and justify how you will value the health outcomes in your economic evaluation.

Reference no: EM13140263


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