This piece requires you to reflect on the relevance of

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This piece requires you to reflect on the relevance of ethics in your future professional life which in this case is accounting. (To be written in 1st Person)

Topic: What ethics means for my work.(Accounting)

Information: Read Margaret Somerville's on vitues in a contemporary world. It is eRaeding 26. Somerville, MA 2009,'Past virtues for a future world: Holding our humanness on trust', chapter 3 in The Ethical Imagination: Journeys of the human spirit, McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal.

Personal experience: this may be examples of people who have acted ethically, or unethically, and the consequences, it might be a time when you have felt torn, when your personal values were challenged, or any other relevant experience.

Reference no: EM13479076


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