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The role of HR in the 21st  century is becoming increasingly vital. A significant claim in support of Strategic Human Resource Management is with regards to its contribution to the firm's competitive advantage. For HRM the main challenge is to ensure that the HR strategies genuinely support the business strategy  and also that the employees' psychological contract is met. Evaluate these changing role in a real world organisation.

Notes to the Assignment
1. Introduction of HRM and SHRM.

2. Introduction of how the role of HR in the 21st century is becoming increasingly vital.

3. Introduction of the organisation

4. Evaluate how the HR practitioner should proceed in  ensuring that alignment between business and HR strategies is effective.

5. Critically analyse how Human Resource Management achieves competitive advantage and what factors limit Human Resource Management's ability to act.

6. Elaborate on what HR strategies can be implemented in this organisation, to meet or exceed employees' psychological contract in SOME (two or more) differing HR areas like HR planning, Reward Management,  Performance Appraisals, Career Development, Recruitment, Training and Development and Industrial

7. Use appropriate tools and theoretical framework to  support your analysis.

Reference no: EM13714


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