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1. Choose a product currently sold in a foreign country that you want to bring to the United States. Visit a shopping area, online or in-store, that specializes in selling products from foreign countries to get ideas.

2. Assuming your role as Brand Manager for a hypothetical company, write a letter to the CEO, Don Smith, giving him a synopsis of the product and why you feel it could be successfully marketed in the United States.

3. Describe the product and its country of origin.

4. Describe the target market in the United States, including customer demographics and income levels.

5. Describe the competition the product would face in the United States and how you would create a competitive advantage. Name at least two competitors.

Request funding to begin the process of bringing this product to the United States.
should be 3-4 pages in length.

Reference all sources using APA format. For guidance using APA format,

Reference no: EM1322375


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