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(a) By means of service organisation of your choice, talk about the strategies that could be implemented for managing both demand and capacity.

(b) Pleasing the needs of the peripheral customers is the key objective of the operations manager.

Converse this account in relation to the tourism and hospitality industry.


(a) Argue the main determinants that affect the shaping of business policy?

(b) Prefer a tourism or hospitality service organisation of your choice, recognize and give detailed advantages and disadvantages in its site selection.


(a) Put in plain words why service firms hesitate to offer a service guarantee?

(b) Using a tourism or hospitality organisation of your preference, clarify how can recovery from a service failure be a blessing in disguise?


(a) Location is always considered of scrupulous importance in operations. Confer four of the factors that affect location decision. Demonstrate your answer using a tourism or hospitality organisation of your choice.

(b) Express the characteristics of the following layout types. Point up each type using an appropriate service organisation either from the tourism or hospitality sector.

(i) Process Layout

(ii) Product Layout

(iii) Fixed position Layout

Reference no: EM133395

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