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A new oncologist has joined the medical staff. Since 4 West has been the admitting unit for oncology patients in the past, it was decided that 4 west would become the specialty unit. As the nurse director, you are familiar with the care needs of the oncology patients since oncology patients are often admitted to your unit. You are required to submit a budget and plan for the oncology specialty unit (as a transition from a medical-surgical unit to an oncology unit).

Acuity is equated with 5.5 hours of nursing care per patient day. The CNO has just informed the nurse director that 4 West will become a specialized oncology unit.

The new oncologist projected a 25% increase in volume.

Prepare a staffing plan showing the change of your unit from medical/surgical staffing to oncology staffing.

Be sure to include:

a) The transition to the use of Patient Care Technicians as discussed in previous weekly content.

b) The staffing plan with related FTE and salary costs

c) Supply cost changes included in budget ($300/patient day to $900/patient day)

d) Educational costs (staff)

e) Base the project on 80% census on the medical/surgical unit to 100% census as an oncology unit.

Reference no: EM13782


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