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Subject: Business Law

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1. Codes of Ethics - A number of firms accused of unethical behavior had established codes of ethics, or credos and formal employee orientation programs . It might seem that these efforts had little influence on the practices of the firms. Critique the practice of establishing codes of theirs and suggest ways that their use could be made more effective.

2. Corporate Responsibility - Critics of corporate social action question whether it is appropriate to commit corporate resources to socially desirable goals. It might be better, they suggest, to maximize earning for shareholders, who could then use that higher earning to advance society if they so desire. Critique the arguments of those who advocate direct corporate action to achieve social goals versus the views of those who oppose such action.

3. Visit the US Department of Justice's web site. Review the different tasks forces. Pick two (2), describe them and their functions. Then list an example from your textbook that each task force may be in charge of investigating and why (two examples total). 

Reference no: EM131524645

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Subject-business law : A number of firms accused of unethical behavior had established codes of ethics, or credos and formal employee orientation programs.
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