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Bluesky Systems is a software development company that builds software components for a variety of private and government clients. Their current infrastructure is outdated and has been prone to being attacked by hackers that have exploited vulnerabilities in their current DNS causing serious down time. In the last 4 years Bluesky has had to recover from numerous disasters due to a lack of any good business continuity planning. Remote access to the two existing sites is allowed using Cisco VPN technology. This has caused numerous security issues because of missing security patches, outdated AV signatures and missing OS patches and updates.

Bluesky currently has 45 employees in their Tucson location and 15 in their Phoenix location. Bluesky is preparing to add another remote site in Sierra Vista to support their military contracts scheduled to be awarded in 2014. The Sierra Vista location will add another 12 employees to the network. Bluesky needs to bring their current infrastructure into strict compliance with government security as a trusted network with access to government data. Bluesky Systems needs to upgrade their current infrastructure of Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. The move is designed to improve over all server performance, security, application and data provisioning, monitoring, and business continuity. This is will also begin the process of bringing Bluesky into compliance as a trusted government network. Executive Summary - Provide a high level executive summary of your Infrastructure proposal. Imagine that you have 20 minutes to present your proposal to the board of directors. Explain to the board the issues with their current infrastructure; highlight the key aspects of your design and how your proposal will benefit Bluesky Systems. Close out your executive summary by summarizing why Bluesky should select your proposal and not your competitors'. Assume that the board of directors is not technical. Be careful of the technical jargon you use. This is your one chance to shine before the executive committee and convince them that you are the right chose for their network up grade. Be persuasive! (Three paragraphs- Half page)
The Appendix A details the current network configuration along with the proposed Sierra Vista site.
Appendix B details the layout of the wiring closet located at the main site in Tucson.

Required Proposal Responses

1) Describe the forest, domain, OU, and trust configuration for Bluesky. Include a chart or diagram of the current configuration. Currently Bluesky has a single domain and default OU structure. Tucson location has 2 Domain Controllers. The Phoenix location has a single Domain Controller. You can make changes to the forest, domain and OUs based on how it will benefit your design. Also include an overview of your design in paragraph form. (1 page, including charts and/or diagrams)

2) All clients should obtain IP addresses automatically. Develop a DHCP configuration. Include what servers will have the DHCP Server role on them. Describe all the components such as: scopes, leases, reservations, options and relay agents. Also include IP address scheme for organization. (1page)

3) The following chart describes Bluesky's current IP scheme. Use the following table as your guide or create of your own.








Sierra Vista

Server Name






Server  IP








4) All workstations and servers need name resolution capabilities for the intranet and the Internet. DNS - Develop a DNS namespace for Bluesky. What servers will contain the DNS Server role and describe where DNS servers will be located.  Describe what the DNS namespace structure will look like.

5) BlueskyDNS1 currently holds the primary DNS zone for the bluesky.local network and is used for name resolution internally and externally.

6) BlueskyDNS1 is the forest root and the DHCP server for the Tucson location.

7) BlueskyDNS2 is a backup domain controller for the network and the secondary DNS server for bluesky.local.

8) BlueskyPhoenix is a domain controller, file server, print server, DNS and DHCP server for the Phoenix location.

9) All sites will connect via a VPN connection established between three Cisco ASAs. The VPN is used for replication traffic between the sites and secure remote access.  

10) The proposed Sierra Vista will need the same configuration as the Phoenix location.

Reference no: EM131684

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