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Using the Internet, search for a business whose primary purpose is to help other companies make better decisions. In your search be careful to look for the term "decision making," "improving decisions," or "decision analysis" and then look beyond the businesses home webpage for information that can help you address the questions below. If you find you cannot answer the project questions you may want to expand your search.

Once you have identified the company you want to discuss and analyze use information from the company's website as well as reviews of that company from other sources (this may require additional research) to answer the following questions:

1. Identify the company (by name) and explain (in your own words, paraphrasing from the information you've researched) their primary purpose or mission. Don't simply copy the company's mission statement.

2. What services or products are offered that are designed to help other businesses improve their decision making? Select one product or service from your list and describe how that product or service is designed to help improve decision making (if you don't think it will help improve decision making you may want to select another product or service)?

3. Will this product or service help other decision makers impact how decisions are "framed"? If so, how?" In your response, include the link with a citation in APA format for the company you reviewed.

Reference no: EM1333993


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