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Case Background:

Coastline Systems Consulting is a small solutions provider company located in Destin, Florida. The staff of seven IT technicians, designers, systems analysts, and programmers provides a range of networking, computer hardware, and software solutions to area businesses. Coastline works with clients to analyze their business needs. They then provide a packaged solution that often combines custom-built hardware, purchased software, and custom programming. In addition to the seven technicians, Coastline has one receptionist/bookkeeper.

As a small organization, Coastline is an informal, "shirt-sleeve" environment. Everyone is on a first-name basis, even with Peter Charles, the president.

Task -1: Scope Management Plan

Requirements: List of functions and features in your application

In scope-out scope items: In scope items are list of requirements that are going to be implemented as part of this system. Out scope items are list of functions and features that are not going to be implemented in this project but can be done later for this application.


Scope verification process: this is built from the Acceptance criteria listed

Task-2: Change Request Form

Use the form in the slides as a reference point and you can add items relevant to your work. Please include items such as what level of changes can be made without further approval, what changes you as a project manager can make, and what changes your sponsor needs to approve.

Task 3: WBS (level 2/3) - Word doc or MS Project

You need to create level 3 WBS. It should have a minimum of 40 tasks. Use the indented format and level 1 as 4 phases of project life cycle.

Task 4: Gantt chart - Firstly you need to do Activity Estimation i.e. estimate the duration of each activity and Secondly dependencies between eh activities need to be determined before you can create a schedule and MS Project builds the Gann chart. You also need to allocate resources to each activity ( 1 resource per activity) from the table given below (PS: You do not need to use all the resources listed below, you may use the ones you need to complete your project)Gantt chart should include all the resources allocated in this project. You should attach the MS project screen shots to prove your workings.

The Resource table to be used for allocating resources is as below





$ per Hour

Project Manager





Systems Analysis





Graphic Designer





Application Programmer





Web System Expert





Program Team member_1





Program Team Member_2





Quality Assurance Tester





Database Administrator





Team Member_1





Team Member_2















Total Duration for the Project




6 months

Working Days




5 days per week ( No Over time required)

Working Hours




8 hours per day ( 8.30 - 5.30pm) - 1 hour for lunch

Project Start Date




4 Jan 2016

Task 5: RACI Chart

WBS ACTIVITY Executive Director Directors Project Leader Project Team
1 Develop Leadership Program >< >< >< ><
1.1 Project Development >< >< >< ><
1.1.1 Identify project leader A R I
1.1.2 Identify project team A R C I
1.1.3 Identify goals of program A C R C
1.1.4 Create policy and procedures A C R
1.1.5 Determine format for training
12 Leadership Skills >< >< >< ><
1.2.1 Brainstorm skills to be covered C C R C
1.2.2 Rank skills in order of importance A C R C
1.2.3 Finalize skills to be covered A C R I
1.2.4 Determine class objectives A C R I
1.3 Positions in Needing Training >< >< >< ><
1.3.1 Interview top management C C R
1.3.2 Evaluate organization chart C C R
1.3.3 Select staff positions for focus C C R I

RACI Key: (R Responsible, (A) Approve, (C) Consult, (I) Inform

Task 6: Histogram of demands on each key participant's time from MS Project

Please extract the resource histogram from MS Project and comment on over allocation of resources and sugest how you can level the resource overload if any. If you do not have resource overload please comment why.

Task 7: Create a time-phased budget for your example project using bottom-up estimating. As you allocate resources to the activity your budget is being created. After you extract the Gantt chart, revisit the activity list and be sure to check direct labourcosts for you and your team has been added and add 20% for fringe.

In this section, State all assumptions andconstraints you have used when creating your budget. Give examples of known knowns andknown unknowns( these are financial risks) on your project. Describe how you have budgeted for both of them plus howyou have budgeted for unknown unknowns

Task 8: Risk Register

Create a risk register In the form of a risk register as per the format and example below for your example project.

R44 1

R21 2

R7 3

For example, the following data might be entered for the first risk in the reg¬ister as follows. Notice that Cliff's team is taking a very proactive approach in managing this risk.

- No.: R44
- Rank: 1
- Risk: New customer
- Description: We have never done a project for this organization before and don't know too much about them. One of our company's strengths is building good customer relationships, which often leads to further proj¬ects with that customer. We might have trouble working with this cus¬tomer since they are new to us.
- Category: People risk
- Root cause: We won a contract to work on a project without really getting to know the customer.
- Diggers: The project manager and other senior managers realize that we don't know much about this customer and could easily misunderstand their needs or expectations.
- Risk Responses: Make sure the project manager is sensitive to the fact that this is a new customer and takes the time to understand them. Have the PM set up a meeting to get to know the customer and clarify their expec-tations. Have Cliff attend the meeting, too.
- Risk owner. Our project manager
- Probability: Medium
- Impact High
- Status: PM will set up the meeting within the week.

After identifying risks, the next step is to understand which risks are most important by performing qualitative risk analysis.

Attachment:- Coast line system.rar

Reference no: EM13948515


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