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 3 pages minimum (double spaced). Use the three points provided below. Cite all sources. 

Instructions: The final goal of this project is to produce a marketing plan document that outlines broader elements of marketing mix for introducing your product in a specific country.  For this project, the process begins with selection of a product or product category that your company wants to market in overseas markets. It is safe to assume that your company has received orders from overseas buyers for this product and you are charged with the responsibility of actively exploring marketing opportunities for this product. 

The country for this purpose is: Japan

Product category: Automobiles (cars)

X. Transportation - Explore the various possible methods of shipment. Examine speed, cost, cargo safety, and flexibility of each possible transportation method. Include a description of the procedures required for distribution: documentation, insurance, customs, shipping schedules and routes, containerization, and other cargo handling considerations.

XI. Channels of Distribution within Foreign Markets - Describe the ultimate consumers or industrial users of the product. Describe types of middlemen involved and how the product will get from producer to end-user.

XII. Promotion - Describe the media available, reach and coverage of the various media, and any legal restrictions involving advertising.

Reference no: EM131033093


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