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Explain two reasons The Age of Bronze caused an uproar in the public. Explain why it was (and still is) such an important work. Explain his reasons for following up with sculptures titled Saint John the Baptist and The Walking Man.

Describe and explain your personal response to Rodin's sculptures.

From the e-Activity (or video) describe two different buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, pointing out their unique characteristics, influences, and the impact his architect made on society.


Reference no: EM131033091


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Ariel de la Fuente, Children of Facundo: Caudillo and Gaucho Insurgency during the Argentine State-Formation Process (la Rioja, 1853- 1870) (Durham and London: Duke University Pres,2000).

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Zappos is an online organization, founded by Nick Swinmurn in 1999 and which deals in clothing and shoe business. Nick Swinmurn got the inspiration when he could not find a pair of brown air walks to purchase at the local mall.

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