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We are required to submit a customized network topology with mininet python script. Can you please help me with this assignment?

Please note that the script should be submitted in Python Programming Language (.py). I will be happy to provide any clarification such as lecture notes.

Exercise 1: Customized Network

By customizing the mininet script, you can customize a wide range of network properties. In this exercise, you are required to customize the topology as shown in Figure 1.

2373_Customized Network.png

Figure 1. Customized Topology.

The following parameters to be customized as shown above:

a. Topology

b. Host IP address

c. Host MAC address

d. Link latency

e. Link bandwidth

f. Link packet loss rate

Task 1:

a. Students are required to submit the script to implement the above. The script should be named as ""

b. The TA should be able to build the topology and verify the connectivity using the following command:

sudo mn --custom ./ --topo mytopo --test pingall

c. The TA should be able to verify the end-to-end bandwidth and delay using Iperf:

H1- H2: 10Mbps with -12ms latency

H2 - H4: 18Mbps with -22ms latency

H3 - H4: 10Mbps with -12ms latency

Reference no: EM13848147

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