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Ongoing Data Exploration

Your final project entails systematic extraction of decision-aiding insights from a dataset (SampleDataSet.xlsx). The goal of this project is to provide you with hands-on experience in conducting and interpreting different types of statistical analysis. The focus of your analysis will be on marketing strategies and analysis-related topics.

In this section, you will conduct correlation and regression analyses using the provided SampleDataSet.xlsx.

  • Correlation: Compute a correlation matrix that includes all continuous variables. Identify all individual correlations that are significant at the 95 percent level.
  • Regression: Build a multiple regression model to explain the variability in the median school year. Describe the goodness of fit of your model and summarize your findings. Select at least four to seven similar independent variables from the remaining forty-nine measures and justify your selection.


Attachment:- 325632_1_SampleDataSet--1-.xlsx

Reference no: EM13308004

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