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A school had a very unusual tradition involving its 1000 students and its 1000 lockers. On opening day, after the head of the school had closed all the lockers, a student walked by and opened every single one. A second student then closed every second one (#2, 4, 6, 8 etc). A third student then changed every third locker (#3,6,9,12 etc), that is, she opened the ones that were closed and closed the ones that were open. A fourth student then changed every fourth locker, after which a fifth student changed every fifth locker , and so on until all 1000 students had passed by all 1000 lockers. At the end of this strange activity, which lockers were open?

Reference no: EM13126348

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Number patterns-door problem : A school had a very unusual tradition involving its 1000 students and its 1000 lockers. On opening day, after the head of the school had closed all the lockers, a student walked by and opened every single one.
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