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MRP Structure

Consider the bill of material for Product J and the data given in the following table. The gross requirements for J are 200 units in week 6 and 250 units in week 8. Prepare the MRP tables for each item for an 8 week planning period. Use the lot-for-lot lot-sizing rule.

J is dependent on K(1) which is dependent on L(4)
J is dependent of M(2)

Item - Lead time - Quantity on Hand - Scheduled receipts

J 1 0

K 2 20 30 in week 2

L 2 0

M 1 20 10 in week 1

What is the planned orders for J in period 5?

What is the gross requirements for J in period 8?

What are the planned orders for K in period 2?

What are the planned receipts for K i period 7?

What are the planned order for L in period 1?

Reference no: EM1354228

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