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Audit program outlines in detail what an auditor plans to do and the expected required time to accomplish each task. An audit engagement may involve more than one audit program. For example, we can have an audit program for accounts receivable, one for cash, one for inventory, etc.
can you describe the benefits of audit program in terms of resource planning and other aspects of auditing?

Auditor before they accept a new client or continue to service existing clients, they conduct audit risk. It is not always possible to completely avoid risk. Our attempt is always to keep it at an acceptable level. The Audit Risk Assessment involves considering multiple factors one of which is management integrity. If the leadership of a company is engaged in an illegal activity, this raises a red flag on the Audit Risk assessment.

Your thoughts?

Planning is an important part of auditing. Planning involves acquiring full understanding of the business to be audited and its environment, the internal control, and the audit risk. It is also at this stage that the audit determines what it considers to be a material misstatement.
What is materiality (in your own words)? What steps would you apply to determine materiality?

Reference no: EM1354229

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