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The purpose of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to relate the concepts that we have been emphasizing in class with the marketplace and practice of Information Technology. More specially, your task is research an IT-related company and product or service - the final project is a proposal to obtain "grant" money to extend the business. A key aspect of this proposal is that your IT supported product or service provides a societal benefit along with being a great business prospect. You will prepare a report.

1. Name:Google Glass

2. Idea:

The initiative perspective of Google Organization is to develop technologies and provide innovative products that make massive amounts of information universally accessible and useful. The Google new upcoming product called"Google Glass" which is a kind of wearable computer, if this product is widely used in the future, it will bring a range of social benefits and change our lives. Social benefits listed below:

- Transformation of advertising and commerce in front of people anytime and anywhere
- Effects on law enforcement as people can record their experience anytime to help society to monitor illegal activities
- Change people's life such as working anywhere rather than at office
- Enhance people's social life as they can search the available entertainment nearby and directing through Glass
- Reduce the car accident rates
- A movement of all information in front of eyes
- Use Glass to explore the education field and change the traditional education way such translation, quick research, build portfolio, taking online course and so on

3. Technologies

-Google Glass is a voice control high technology product;it is a wearable computer that means you can do anything in anywhere as long as you can get online connection.Obviously, Wi-Fi or data connection is the key to make use Google Glass works properly.

-Google offers the MyGlass app to make connection between glass and phone.

4. Text chapter

-Four components of information system

-Culture and Information system

-E-commence and E-business

-The implication of E-commence

Reference no: EM134424


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