List five types of endocrine glands and give their functions

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(a) Describe the impact of man on the environment, with reference to the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, overfishing and deforestation

(b) Indicate human activities that have resulted in air and water pollution and discuss some of the measures which may be used to prevent further pollution


Using a labelled diagram, describe the processes carried out in the human digestive system with particular reference to the different organs involved


(a) List five types of endocrine glands and give their functions

(b) Describe the functions of phagocytes, B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes and describe how they interact during an immune response


(a) List the different organs involved in excretion in humans. Using a relevant example and with the help of a labelled diagram, explain how homeostasis is maintained by the excretory process

(b) What is an infectious disease? Describe the mode of replication and transmission of a named (i) viral and (ii) bacterial disease. Indicate the preventive as well as therapeutic measures for curing patients

Reference no: EM133057


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