Impediments to participation and equity in education

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a) How far does schooling as a collaborative process reflect democratic processes? What are the impediments to participation and equity in education?

b) With examples to illustrate, critically examine the significance of effective networks of communications and a framework of information in creating a high morale of teachers and in promoting group awareness and group expression

c) Examine the extent to which educational institutions can develop new strategies to support vulnerable groups. What is the role played by others like the business communities?


Critically examine the archetypical leadership types and the extent to which they enhance our understanding with respect to effective community relationships and also in more creative ways of doing things


Examine a typology of participatory practices that enhances our understanding of the quality of the teaching-learning process. Consider also the engagement of parents and non-professionals into planning decisions and the application of non-bureaucratic principles


Critically examine the concept "political pluralism" in democratic societies and the extent to which it enhances greater participation towards the modernization of education. You may also consider the role of PTA's and Unions amongst others


Analyse critically how far the emerging knowledge-based local and global economies can provide a platform for greater and more effective participation of the community in the educational process. Give examples to illustrate your answer

Reference no: EM133053


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