Issue of justice or the common good

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Describe the issue (150 words)Explain why this is an issue of justice or the common good.

Identify the people or groups who have a stake in the issue and analyse their perspectiveson it.

Why may some stakeholders not want the situation to change?

Analyse the issue in terms of the common good and the principles that promote humanflourishing.

In light of your analysis, how might the common good best be served inrelation to this issue?

Climate Change: Too Hot to Handle? A challenge to the common good facing every person including those yet to be born-and all species inhabiting our planet, is the challenge of our changing climate.

The impact of these changes is being felt already. How best can we ensure that appropriate action is initiated now to safeguard the good of our environment for generations to come? How is the common good best served?

Reference no: EM13265737


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