Identify the nutritional needs for a developing embryo

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Consider the following scenario: The General Secretary of the FDA has tasked you with developing an educational flier on the nutritional needs for the beginning stages of life.

Research your topic using online sources, such as the Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture; and local sources, such as farmers' markets, for content and nutrition suggestion for the ad.

Create a public service ad, with appropriate images, to be printed in the Sunday edition of your newspaper. Include the following points:

• Identify the nutritional needs for a developing embryo and fetus and how to obtain them.
• Identify health concerns or disease associated with poor nutrition during the gestation period.
• Provide examples of good and bad nutritional choices for baby and mom.
• Once the baby is born, address the pros and cons of breastfeeding versus formula-feeding.
• Make recommendations for where readers might search for more information regarding nutrition. Remember to determine and choose credible sources of nutritional information.

Use a standard word document to complete this assignment. Both text and images are important to this assignment.

Format the ad, including the images, consistent with APA guidelines.

Include at least two references.

Reference no: EM131196787


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