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To, Whom It may concern,

My name is ---. I am writing this letter in order to have an extension on program and financial aid. While going to --- college, I was trying to decide what program I wanted to study. When I first came to the college, it was back in 2000, just before I went into the army; I served in the army for four years as a dental assistant. While serving in the army as a dental assistant, I found myself working close quarters with medical assistants, electronic tech and nurses. When I got out of the army, I decided to go back to school to study either nursing or engineering, because found both so fascinating, and it seemed like a careers that will best suite.

When I returned to --- college I didn’t know which one I wanted to peruse, because I like both fields. So I, had obtained an Associate of Arts degree, and tried to do perquisites that pertain to both fields. While trying to figure out which one I wanted to most, I, I took both engineer and a phlebotomy class. I took the phlebotomy course to obtain a job, to pay school.   After completing my degree, I still had mixed fillings, but I was leaning towards the nursing field, until I found out that it might not be possible to get into the program at --- college, and I didn’t have transportation to anywhere else. So, I decide to just go with the engineer track. While doing the engineering track, I found that I didn’t want to be an engineer, because they don’t do hands on stuff; all they do is, try to field a solution to a complex problem, but they don’t implement it. Also, I found throughout  my engineering studies, I found myself compelled to go into the nursing fields, because I feel this is where my heart and passion belongs; to nursing because I when I was in the dental, and phlebotomy field, I enjoy working with people, and caring for them . Since, finding my true calling and I have been taking classes toward nursing, and I have also, been taking a CNA course, so that I can be more marketable, to be selected into the nursing program.

If, you allow me to extend my new degree plan, I intend get the highest grades to gain the highest grades to get admitted into the program, by routinely seeing a tutor after class, utilizing office hours, and completing available extra credit assignments in order to achieve good academic standing. I will also, perform to my highest abilities, challenge myself, utilize resources. I will try my best to not only meet XXX’s academic standards, but also to exceed them. Please consider my petition, because this the only resources I have to pay, and complete my nursing degree. Thank you for considering this petition.

Reference no: EM13132688


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