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Women vs men workplace

Numerous examples show women succeeding in traditionally male-dominated professions. But if success is defined as actually running a company, a corporation, or even a country, we count 19 female CEO's running Fortune 500 companies. This sounds solid until realizing this is a small 3.8%.

Over 70 women serve in Congress. This, too, seems applause-worthy, unless you count all 535 seats in both the House and Senate. That means women hold seats in only 13.8% of Congress despite being 52% of the voting population of America.

Women have certainly come a long way but still have a very long way to go before they have an equal share of the real power in this country.

Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Nancy Pelosi are four women leaders who have broken the glass ceiling in the world of politics and leadership.

Please describe one specific, predominant, and common characteristic that three of these superwomen possess that might account for their breaking the glass ceiling.

Use the following questions to guide your supportive writing:

How specifically is this characteristic demonstrated?
How do these women apply this characteristic in their decision making, strategic planning, or problem solving?
Are these characteristics an offshoot of a traditionally male-oriented style?
If so, which male leader do they most resemble?
Based on this predominant characteristic, which leadership theory would they utilize most effectively?

Reference no: EM1332113


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