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Project Management of a functional employee

1. Consider a situation in which the project manager (a generalist) is asked to provide an evaluation of a functional employee (a specialist). Can the project manager effectively evaluate the functional employee on technical performance? If not, then on what information can the project manager base his or her evaluation? Can a grade-7 generalist evaluate a grade -12 specialist?

2. Is it possible to establish formal organizational procedures (either at the project level or company-wide) for the resolution of conflicts? If a procedure is established, what can go wrong?

3.Is it possible for project managers to improve their time management skills by knowing the "energy cycle" of their people? Can this energy cycle be a function of the hour of the day, day of the week, or whether overtime is required?

4. How do you handle a project manager or project engineer who continually tries to "bite off more than he or she can chew"? If he or she were effective at managing these projects, at least temporarily, would your answer change? Explain fully

5.How should a project manager handle a situation in which the functional manager or employee appears to have more loyalty to his profession, discipline, or expertise than to the project? Explain fully.

Reference no: EM1343125

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