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Answer any three questions, with at least one of them being I-3, which ask you to write about elements of both plays. Or answer two questions and met with me in conference to propose a third question of your own construction. For each answer, be nee to define any key tenny such as plot, theme, or dtronatic conflict Assume your reader knows nothing and it 's your job to explain the text to him or her. Each answer should be approximately 500 words (not more than 700 max or less than 400 min. and MORE 'than one paragrequh. Any outside sources consulted must be paraphrased or quoted and cited.

1) Discuss some ways that male friendships and honor among men play a role in both Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra.

2) Compare and contrast the character of Cleopatra with one or more of the Roman women in the two plays (Portia, Calphumia, Fulvia,or Ortavia). Consider both their individual characters and also bow these female characters reflect their cultural conditioning as Egyptian or Roman. Do we evaluate Cleopatra by a different standard since she is a Queen and the ether women are the wives of powerful men who are not considered kings?

3) In Milo Cads, the conspirators, after they assassinate Caesar, all cry ?peace, freedom and liberty" (3.1.110),Explain why their optimism at the consequences of their deed is misplaced. Relate their failure to Antony and Cleopatra. How does their assassination effect the action and outcomes of the second play?

4) Give your interpretation of the fact that En obarbus has deserted Antony (4.5) but that resolves (4.7) not to fight against him. What other action related to Enobarbus's desertion, is discussed by various characters. If Enobarbus functions as a kind objective "choral" character what do his actions say about how the author ultimately evaluates Antony's charade?

5) Explain for a reader who has not read the play and doesn't know anything about Roman history what Antony and Cleopatra's greatest fear is in the concluding acts of the play. Relate this fear to the theme of honor and explain what they do to avoid this consequence. Who do you think is victorious by the end of the play? Explain your answer.

6) Apply Frerag's pyramid to explain the plot R including identifying the climax, of Antony and Cleopatra. Define all the key temis you use in your answer.

Reference no: EM131330704

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