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1. Question : Project risk can effect:
time and cost.
scope and quality.
project schedule.
All of the above
None of the above

2. Question : Risk Management needs to be designed to:
be done during the project design.
be done during the development of the project scope.
be done at times during the project.
be done during the project design and throughout the project.

None of the above

3. Question : One of the excuses for not doing risk management is that it is just common sense. The answer to that is:
proper application of risk management saves time and money.

it is never too late to do Risk Management.
Risk Management is an investment in the future.
Risk management isn't common sense to everyone.
Risk Management is common sense.

4. Question : What project document defines the project work?
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Project Scope
Project Templates
Defined Roles
Risk Policies

5. Question : The most important inputs for Risk Management Planning include:
Environmental factors, organizational process assets, scope statement, and project management plan.

Scope statement, WBS, and project management plan
Environmental factors, roles, responsibilities, scope, and WBS.

None of the above
All of the above

6. Question : We can add tasks to the WBS:
throughout the project.
in the project development stage.
once the project has been approved.
You can never add tasks.
It doesn't matter when.

7. Question : Brainstorming should:
not allow ideas that are too far "out of the box."
discuss the ideas as they are presented.
restrict the ideas to the risk being discussed.
gather ideas first and then discuss them.
let the discussion flow where it wants to go.

8. Question : The Risk Workshop attendees include:
Both stakeholders and managers
Both stakeholders and experts

9. Question : The WBS does not address:
organizing the work.
the effort and duration of the work.
the cost of the work.

Reference no: EM13732968

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