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In this assignment, you will write a 2-page paper analyzing and writing about theclimateof Mount Diablo. You will be graded on your breadth of knowledge of the course material, and your ability to apply it relevantly to the facts that you will be presented.

At the minimum, your paper should include:

  1. A climograph for Mount Diablo, showing both a table of the monthly average precipitation and temperature data, and the graph of these data.
  2. An analysis of the climograph, identifying the climate zone by name and Köppen-Geiger classification.
  3. A discussion of the controls on the climate that produce this pattern.
  4. A discussion of the dominant pressure and weather systems that contribute to this climate pattern.

World Regional Climate Centerdata.

Mount Diablo Junction climate center data. The web page that opens contains data that is ready to be put into theclimograph template spreadsheet. (Note, that to get the monthly mean temperature, you will need to average the Average Max and Average Min temperatures for each month.

Reference no: EM13278162


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