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This post discusses HRM and organizational functions.
Human resource management strategies regarding employee separations include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. downsizing.
B. hiring freezes.
C. organizing for efficiency or innovation.
D. preferential or nonpreferential rehiring process.

The strategic decisions associated with the organization are the choice of a system and the choice of type of system needed for which system type?
A. Marketing
B. Human resources
C. Information
D. Financial-accounting

Strategy evaluation at the __________ level involves using __________ and __________ performance measures for each area.
A. functional; quantitative; qualitative
B. marketing; quantitative; qualitative
C. management; financial; quantitative
D. research and development; quantitative; qualitative

The process of creating goods and services in which organizational resources are transformed into outputs is called:
A. production-operations.
B. manufacturing-operations.
C. product-production.
D. organizational performance.

Which of the following is NOT one of the three functional concerns of organizations?
A. People
B. Technology
C. Support processes
D. Product

A(n) __________ system is a system for collecting, processing, storing and disseminating any and all information that managers need to operate a business.
A. database
B. reporting
C. support
D. information

Reference no: EM1331923


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