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IT systems are complex by very nature. They combine IT infrastructure, software and people. Several standards are used in various contexts.

Task 1 - LO1

Appraise a non-technical reader the different types of quality assurance that are available. As part of your appraisal you consider at least three different quality assurance bodies.

All projects are subject to a variety of risks that vary greatly in significance. Evaluate how risks for a large software house producing control software for industrial plant has significantly different risks from one producing software for a Games Development company. Choose one other example of software production and explain the risks associated with it.

Task 2 - LO1/LO2

You will be provided with one or more examples of a software development. At each stage you will be required to discuss the quality assurance practices that are recommended and produce one or more examples of quality control documentation. The V model of software development is one method for implementing this approach.

Task 3 - LO3
Demonstrate how a range of project planning tools, including WBS, CPM, PERT and Gantt charts can be used to produce and effective plan that identifies resources and requirements for the development of an IT system. Give examples of each tool.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your plan and suggest relevant improvements.

Reference no: EM13324865


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