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Imagine that you have been hired by a well-known marketing research firm. Your supervisor has asked you to use the expectancy disconfirmation model (for review refer to page 318 and the instructor notes of Module 8 in the syllabus) to evaluate a consumer's post hoc satisfaction level for a recent purchase of running shoes. For the practice purpose of this assignment, you can ask a consumer who is your friend, your colleague or a member of your family.

Identify three determinant attributes for this consumer (e.g. Comfort, style, durability).
Determine the consumer's importance weights for each attribute, such that they total 100 percent. For example comfort=30%, style =10% and durability 16%.On a 1 to 7 scale, ask the consumer to rate how s/he expected the brand to perform on eh of these attributes, prior to purchase (for example, comfort=6, style = 4 and durability=6).

Also on a 1 to 7 scale, ask the consumer to rate his/her actual perceptions of how the shoe has performed on each of these attributes.

Plug the weights (w), expectations (e) and perceptions (p) into formula: S = ?w (p e), where S is satisfaction level. Does the outcome of the function suggest that this consumer is satisfied, delight or dissatisfied? Ask the consumer if he s/she is satisfied to see if the model is consistent with consumer's response.

Reference no: EM131215

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