Disaster recovery and business continuity

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1. Differentiate between disaster recovery and business continuity. In your answer provide examples of the processes and technology involved.

2. The decision to choose a DAS, NAS, or SAN solution is based on many factors. Describe the factors that influence this choice and explain, using examples, why these factors are relevant.

3. Write short notes on all of the following, providing examples of their application and use.

a) Intelligent disk array

b) Hardware redundancy

c) RAID parity

d) Disaster recovery versus disaster restart

e) Synchronous replication

1. Business Continuity is based on disaster recovery. Discuss this statement highlighting the technology and processes involved.

2. A large online bank is considering implementing a new storage system. You have been asked to choose between a DAS, NAS, and SAN solution. Explain the benefits of each and explain how you would go about choosing one for the bank.

3. Write short notes on all of the following:

a. Striping with distributed parity

b. Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

c. Differential backup

d. Archiving Versus Backup


1. Describe the five core elements of a data centre (form the user through to the storage system). Explain how each element can be made 100% available at all times.

2. While the term disaster recovery is often used in place of business continuity describe the difference between the two terms. In your answer include a discussion of the technologies and processes involved.

3. Describe the technologies used in disaster recovery. In your answer explain how the technology meets the business need.

4. Write short notes on all of the following:

a. Read cache hits and misses

b. NAS

c. Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

d. Hot swapping

e. Incremental backup

f. Hot backup

Reference no: EM13515


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